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Funeral Pre-Planning in St. Petersburg, FL

Nobody wants to leave their loved ones with the financial burden and emotional stress of planning and arranging their funeral after they’ve passed. With funeral pre-planning in St. Petersburg, FL, you can ensure that your loved ones are able to focus on grieving and coping with their loss rather than worrying about funeral costs and trying to determine what you would want for your memorial. Our funeral home offers affordable cremations for pre-planned funerals as well as those handled by the next-of-kin.

When you allow our crematory to handle your preparations, you can take comfort in the fact that you and your family will only work with our staff, who are the same people who will be retrieving your loved one.  We strive to prevent any confusion in making final arrangements for yourself or your loved one, which is why we offer packages for direct cremations as well as simple cremation.

Affordable Cremations to Help Your Family Cope

One benefit that many people consider is that cremations are more affordable than a traditional service. Affordable cremations are important for many people and their families, as it allows peace of mind and more time to celebrate the life of your loved one instead of going through many confusing and expensive options as with a traditional service. Our staff members are here for you and your family through this difficult time with grief support and compassion. We want to make certain that the entire process is affordable and worry-free.

Inclusive Cremation Packages

While our crematory offers simple cremation, direct cremation, and even keepsakes to remember your loved one, we also offer an inclusive package. Our cremation package is $850 and includes many services that will ensure the process is as worry-free and painless for you and your family as possible. Here are the services we provide when you purchase our cremation package:

Angel Statue in St. Petersburg, FL

• Securing a Permit for Cremation
• Notification of Social Security
• Climate Controlled Facility for Use Until Cremation
• Obtaining Cremation Approval from County Medical Examiner
• Filing Original Death Certificate with Bureau of Vital Statistics
• Return of the Cremated Remains in a Dignified Container
•  Transportation of Your Loved One
• 24-Hour Availability to Respond to Your Request for Services
• Preparation and Delivery of Original Death Certificate to Doctor
• Personal Arrangement Consultation with Our Licensed Staff

benefits of cremation services over traditional services

If you’re in the process of funeral pre-planning, you likely have many questions about various services and arrangements offered by today’s funeral homes. Our crematory offers a simple but dignified alternative to a traditional funeral service with our simple and direct cremation services. With our inclusive cremation package, you can be assured that your family will gain the peace of mind offered by a thoughtful cremation service without the financial burden of a complex traditional funeral.

Contact us today to ensure your loved one gets the care and dignity they deserve from our crematory.
We loyally serve the St. Petersburg area including Clearwater, Largo, Pinellas Park, and Dunedin, FL, areas.